Traditional Four Sided Wooden 10 Number Pub Bar Board Dice Game For Shut the Box

Color: Red
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  • Material: Wooden
  • Size: Approx. 220x220x33mm/ 8.66x8.66x1.30"
  • Fit for kids and adults, 2 to 4 players
  • With 2 dices and 10 numbered wooden tiles each side
  • The game is played with family, used in classrooms for teaching addition and probability, and is even a betting game played in pubs
  • Just keep on rolling until you can no longer match your roll on the remaining tiles
  • The lowest score wins the game
  • If you lay down all the tiles, then you've "shut the box"
  • People can define themselves if plus, minus, times, devides are applicable. And also define only 2 pieces or 3 pieces can be used
  • A kind of board game, several ways to play, player can also define the rules themselves
  • Brings hours of enjoyment to your home
  • Game One: Turn the wooden card according to the number of the dice thrown, which can be the sum of several cards. Finally, the flop who cannot press the number of the dice will lose.
  • Game two: One side continues to roll the dice and flop until no cards can be turned, and the last remaining wooden card is his score, the lower score wins.
  • For example: If you shake at 9 o'clock, you must turn any number and the card equal to "9". The flop can be turned one, two or three at a time, but it must be a number and equal to 9 (you can also specify the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of various rules). If you want to turn a card, choose "9" digital card; if you want to turn two cards, you can choose "3" and "6" or "4" and "5" digital cards; if you want to turn three cards, you can choose "1" "," 2 "and" 6 "or" 2 "," 3 "and" 4 "digital cards. In addition, the game specifications can be freely determined by addition and subtraction. The children in the third grade up can set the multiplication and division rules. When our family plays stupidly, it can add, subtract, multiply and divide. , 8, and 6, why, because 3 Ɨ 8 = 24 divided by 6, which is 4, as long as you can respond quickly. There are so many ways to play, children can develop many ways to play. So there is no need to limit the single gameplay.
  • How To Play:
  • Roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match your roll
  • For example: Roll the dices and have 3 and 4 so you get number 7
  • You can turn on 1 and 6 at any side, because 1+6=7, you can also turn on 9 and 2 at any side, because 9-2=7
  • The last player who can successfully turn on as rules win the game


Package Content:

  • 1 x Traditional Pub Board Dice Game
  • 2 x Dice


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