Baby Manicure Nail Clippers Scissors Comb Brush Toothbrush Kit 7-piece

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  • 👶 baby hair brush: The round tip scalp comb can protect the baby. Made of soft hair, it is safer and comfortable for baby to use. In addition, it helps parents easily comb baby's hair, massage the scalp and promote hair growth. It is perfect for sensitive baby skin.
  • 👶 baby toothbrush: The toothbrush finger shape designed according to mother is soft and elastic. Being used to clean baby's teeth, it massages gums and relieves baby's long-term uncomfortable feelings. It is useful for oral health care.
  • 👶 Practical baby toothbrush: To offer the baby an experience, and practice brushing brush action. The soft surface brush will not hurt the baby's young gums while eliminating tartar.
  • 👶 baby nail file: when cutting nails, it tend to leave a sharp bur. You can modify it with a nail file to prevent the baby from scratching by their own.
  • 👶 Baby round-tip comb: The user-friendly design of spherical tooth comb can get the effect of massaging the scalp. No worries about scalp hurting the baby. The soft brush can brush the fetal calf on the scalp to keep the newborn baby's head clean.
  • 👶 newborn nail scissors: The knife hardness is in line with national safety standards. It is not easy to deform and can prevent damage to the baby caused by slippery nail clipper. Long nails break easily, which can cause bleeding from the fingertips.
  • 👶 Baby round-head scissors: It is specially designed for infants to trim their thin and soft little nails. It is easy to cut with rounded front end, small size and thin edge knife. Being equipped with 3-finger-grip design, it is safe and stable in structure.



  • Round combs * 1
  • Sweet comb * 1
  • Toothbrush * 1
  • Baby teeth toothbrush * 1
  • Nail scissors * 1
  • Scissors * 1
  • Nail file * 1



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