Top 10 Best Educational Toys & Gift Ideas 2021

As parents, It is natural concern that kids are more into cellphones and other devices and how to divert them to also focus on toys and physical activities to have proper balance during play. Your child had natural ability to learn and explore and best toys are the ones which help them to enjoy at the same time learn. This learning capabilities is head start for them to help them for lifetime.

There are many many toys are available online and in toy stores. Sometimes, it is hard to decide which toys are best for learning and growing smart for your babies and kids. Here are list of the top 10 best toys for your little ones.


Montessori Educational Wooden Toys

Your children will learn the basics such as numbers, shapes, color, and patterns, then learn how to count and improve their maths and also sorting.It also develops fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, enhances memory with patterns, as well as encourage cognitive development, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking. This sequence puzzle is great to improve IQ and stimulate the brain.Β 

This pegboard puzzle has numbers and different size circles that a kid can sort, arrange or use as an abacus. In addition, this has a very cute fishing toy with wooden fish and fishing pole so tiny tots can play when they get bored. The pieces are big compared to other puzzles so there is a lesser chance of choking and is easier for little hands to hold on to.

Montessori Educational Wooden Toys Children


Electric Drill Screw 3D Puzzle Toys

Improve children's cognitive ability, exercise their children's hands-on ability, and stimulate children's spatial thinking ability and creativity.Β All kinds of shape blocks, bright color, smooth edges without burrs, simulation electric drill, powered by 2*1.5V AA battery, slow speed, will not cause harm to children.

Picture Cognize Book

Front and back cover of each book are presented with sound paper (feels will be issued a plastic rustling of paper, the main function is to attract baby's attention), a small book is made of high quality cotton, high-quality interlayer is sponge (pinch up very soft).

Textured fabrics and bright colors help to develop children's sensory awareness.

Baby Intelligence Development Learn Picture Cognize Book

Spelling Word Puzzle Game

Develop children's brain, exercise left and right brain. Letter recognition, color recognition. Double-sided word card, pattern recognition. Matching cards and building blocks.

Spelling Word Puzzle Game Toy Sets English 26 Letters Recognition Alphabet Toddler Kid Early Educational

ArithmeticΒ Learning Cards

This toys will help children learn all arithmetic in a fun way.

Children Learning Cards Mathematics Learning Flash Card Addition Subtraction Arithmetic Toy Montessori Materials Educational Toy

Multiplication Table Teaching Aids

This is fun toy for kids to learn arithmetic multiplication operation.Β 

Montessori Educational Wooden Toys for Children Baby Toys 99 Multiplication Table Math Arithmetic Teaching Aids for Kids

BilingualΒ Mobile Phone Toy

This toy is not that expensive with great design. It is having 13 different functions associated with different buttons and also option to change mode. It is having functions like songs, music, sleep aid, characters, transportation, animal recognition, crying & pacifying, phone info, weather sound effects, and baby sounds etc. It is also having bite bite teather and material is safe for baby.

New Baby Toy Mobile Phone Soft Plastic Early Education Puzzle Bilingual Safety Bite Multi-Function Vocal Toys

Magnetic Cube Building Blocks

This magnetic building blocks toy is a creative product that is conducive to the. Development of your intellectual and creative thinking, such as practical The ability or brain vitality, to give your life more fun and happy time.
It is easy to assemble and even more with the help of the extra guide cards.
A creative toy which contributes to a fun and non-stressful environment!

Toy Magnetic Cube Building Blocks 3D Magnet Tile 54pcs Guide Cards Intelligence Toys For Children

DIY Art Crafts Decoration Materials

Super Kit: Variety of DIY Art Crafts Decor Material in one box, can meet different needs when kids doing art projects. They are easy use and safe for child.
Develop Innovative Ability: It helps to promote children's brain development and creativity; Enhance imagination, concentration and strengthen the hands-on ability.
Great Fun: Kids surely will enjoy themselves when create amazing stuff by their own, or with friends and families. Let your kids have a happy childhood at home and school!

Colorful Plush Sticks Wool Pompoms Materials Kids DIY Montessori Craft Pipe Math Counting Education Stick Child Puzzles Toy

Stone Jenga Building Blocks

Develop children's logical thinking ability. Exercise cooperative skills and improve hands-on skills. Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things. Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development. Develop brain thinking and recognize different colors.

Children's Wooden Colored Stone Jenga Building Block Educational Toy Creative Nordic Style Stacking Game Rainbow Wooden Toy Gift



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