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Latin name for teething is dentitio difficilis which mean "difficult dentition". As ar parent, you might be so worried about thought that your baby will go through lot of pain new teeth will break through your little one's soft gums and it is obvious but it actually might not all that bad for baby, although and again it is very obvious for parents to be worried about. Symptoms for teething are different for individual baby although it is for certain that it will be a little uncomfortable.

Let's look into usual teeth order for baby.

As you know, it is again different for each baby, generally it starts somewhere between 4 to 10 months old and then there are some late boomers who will get their first tooth close to 1 year.On average, baby girls get their firth tooth before baby boys. 

The process is simple, primary teeth will move from the gum line into their position is the mouth. Most of the time, two bottom center teeth will emerge first and then two center top teeth. Others will be painful, we all know about molars.

According to some researches, teething period is around 8 days window. For almost 4 days, it will try to come out of gum line and then baby will get eruption day. After 3 days from eruption day, you can visibly see teeth. So your baby will go through some uncomfortable pain for around 10 days.

So, what are the symptoms of teething?

It is kind of unfortunate that not many researches been done for teething symptoms. Part of reason can be that most pediatrics are not expert with teething symptoms and teething happens before kids go to visit dentists. Toddlers are not speaking or been expert while they are going through teething symptoms. Only parents can share what they are are going through and what their children going through. Because babies are not yet saying what they are going through, for parents it feels like all symptoms are associated with teething and it is possible that it is not correct.

In one of the study, researchers found out that, symptom what parents refer to as teething symptoms, when it comes to child care provider and dental examiners confirmed no symptoms of teething in same children. This study confirms not having enough knowledge about  teething symptoms across span. 

One more thing to think about here. Teething is long process and covers infants to toddlers and in some case even elderly people get teeth and go through teething symptoms and thing to remember is not all symptoms are same across all ages. Meaning, as infant you will have different symptoms than being toddler and getting teeth.

One more challenge with teething symptom is as infant or toddler, they are going through many development changes and physical growth. As parent, you can mix all those symptoms all together and still don't know if it is really teething symptom or something else and you are not the only one, all parents go through this confusion. Most of time, teething becomes scapegoat for anything that goes wrong with baby. And that's fine.

So question is still there, what do we know about teething?

We know this so far:

Teething cannot be cause of death. You might find it funny to even relate this way, but there was time when people thought teething as deadly problem. Historically in France, 50% of infant deaths were documented as due to teething. In England and Wales, during 1830s, more than 5000 infant deaths documented as due to teething. Historically, during 18s or even early 19s, people though teething as cause of death.

Thanks to latest medical advancement and technology, now we now that all those were just coincidence. Those deaths might be because of other deadly decease during that period which was not known like cholera, dehydration and any other. Parents were scared to death during that time considering teething as deadly problem. 

These are some of possible symptoms for teething, It is possible that some babies experience all these symptoms and may be some babies just  experience one of two of these symptoms. 

  • Biting/sucking/chewing on fingers
  • Drooling
  • Gum rubbing
  • Facial rash
  • Inflammation
  • Irritability
  • Nighttime crying/disturbed sleep
  • Poor appetite for solid foods
  • Ear rubbing (especially on the side of the tooth emergence)
  • Sometimes: a mild temperature elevation or possibly even a low-grade fever (less than 102°F)


It is also very important to know what symptoms are not associated with teething. These are some of the symptoms normally not associated only with teething.

  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing
  • Temperature above 102°F
  • Vomiting
  • Body rashes

As parent, we can not understand how painful teething is for baby, it can be more painful for some babies and not at all for some lucky ones. But, we can definitely say that teething in not deadly and teething symptoms are minor. 

According to some researches, teething is not as bad as we think but major source of anxiety for first time parents.

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 teething care

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