Easy way to train your little one for potty and toilet using ALARM!!!

Is there any magical way to train your baby for potty and toilet or to help elderly for toilet problems? What if, you get an alarm as soon as diaper is wet just like we get an alarm in morning to wake up?

There are devices available now to get alarm by sensing diaper - a device that respond to moist by alarm. There were already some studies available that proved that this is very effective way for bed wetting problem for babies as well as elderly people.

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Idea behind this device is to alert parent, guardian or caregiver as soon as diaper is wet and make kids aware that it is time to go to toilet with alarm. This will also help children to create that routine for urination.

There is study on randomly assigned kids, aged 20 to 36 months. One group received diaper alarm based training and other group of kids got timed potty training (putting the child on the potty at regularly timed intervals.

After one month of study, group that received training using diaper alarm, showed significant better progress. There are other studies as well giving similar results.

Training considered to be completed when kids wore underpants, aware about their need to urinate, go to bathroom on their own or ask parent to go to bathroom and no more than 1 accident per day.

After one month, 55% of kids who got diaper alarm training completed their training successfully. On contrast, only 9% of kids were able to complete their training in another group.

The daycare-based study yielded similar outcomes.

Kids were considered to have completed toilet training when they wore underpants, showed awareness of their need to urinate, initiated visits to the bathroom, and had no more than one accident per day.

I gave a diaper alarm as gift to one of my friend for her baby at that time 1 year of age. After a month when we met for social get together, she told me:

"Diaper Alarm is best gift I got ever. I had no idea how I will train my baby for potty. With Diaper Alarm, she comes to me as soon as there is an alarm and she ask me to go to bathroom. I used to wake up every 2 hours to check on my baby diaper as I don't want her to  be wet all night. Now I only wake up when there is loud alarm and I am able to steal more sleep this way."


Wet sensor is definitely one of best ways to train your children for potty and toilet and it should be essential thing to have for children. 

I haven’t been able to read the details of the home-based study, but from the abstract I gather that the effects were modest. And remember--the home-based study pitted the alarm against another potty training method.

It doesn't mean that as caregiver or parent you don't have to do anything but for sure this alarm will give you flexibility and lot less stress.

Diaper alarm will be useful in group care settings as well, where caregivers are working with more than 2 kids or elderly people at same time as well as children with intellectual or development disabilities.


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