Baby Sleep Regressions: Why It Happens?

As parent, you were so happy and proud that your baby is sleeping like an angel, so peacefully, for long hours. You let everyone know how great that feeling is. As being baby, they go to sleep for long hours and only wake up to eat and play with you.Β 

All of sudden something happened, they stat fighting every time you try to make your baby sleep, your baby keep crying, screaming, and will not sleep for long hours anymore. What on earth happened? What changed? Is your baby alright? You have all these questions. It is possible that your baby might hit a sleep regression. Even though, it doesn't sound so good, sleep regressions doesn't last very long and most likely be over in few weeks. As a parent, I know, these few weeks seem like a lifetime. But you need to step back and relax as it will pass and you will be able to get through.Β  I will try to explain what sleep regressions is, what causes them, what are effective ways to get trough sleep regression, etc.

Sleep Regression is what it sounds like. It happens when your kid regresses from sleeping well to having trouble falling asleep.

Sleep regressions are mostly linked with either developmental leaps or separation anxiety in infants. It is most likely possible for your baby to experience 4 sleep regressions during first year, at 4, 6, 8, and 12 months. All of these because your baby is learning new skills during this period and experiencing anxiety. There are other possible reasons for sleep regressions like schedule change, travelling, illness, or teething.

Signs of Sleep Regression. As we adults face sometimes, your little one can also face "off" night once in a while. It can be because of upset tummy or unwanted noise. This is not sleep regression, specially if it is once in a while. Sleep Regression is associated with constant issue with sleep for 2 - 3 weeks. Some of the signs for Sleep Regression are: Start crying as soon as reaches to bed, not able to sleep for a long time, waking up at night more than usual, taking moreΒ  naps than long, peaceful sleep, fussiness.

Now the big question. Is there a way, any single way to prevent sleep regression? Unfortunately, answer for this question is NO. This is related to learning and development of your baby. This is related to individuality of kid and how they learn and develop. Parents will have different experience from child to child.Β 

You can not prevent it but you can make it through once you know that your baby is experiencing sleep regression. Understand why your baby is experiencing it is a way to make it through. Your baby will need extra attention from you as parent while going through this phase. You need to give your baby extra love, more patience and understanding. Here is what you should do as parent:

  • Be strict with your kid about nap times and bed times. Avoid them being overtired
  • More shower time. May be have 2 - 3 showers
  • Make your that your bedtime schedule is proper and not disturbed. Make any changes to that if needed
  • Go through sleep training program
  • Follow healthy sleep practices
  • Listen to soft sleep music during bedtime. Check this out


Happy Parenting!!! ❀❀❀

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